This is "Percy"

Percy was a short haired tuxedo cat. A black tie affair. Neat as could be in personal appearance with the longest tail I've ever seen on a real cat. What a magical being. He could communicate clearly through his eyes, tail and quiet presence. I'd like to say he was telepathic. I spent many long visits with him. I was his cat sitter when his people were away. Percy was an incredible journey cat. Some of you may remember the parallels to that great old story. My friend was moving and Percy vanished from their temporary home. He was gone for months and was grieved for. Terribly missed.One day, many months later, a slight figure staggered down over the mountainside. Tired, gaunt, bearing signs of his struggle to survive. Percy was back. So exhausted and depleted he was barely able to make it to the front door. Somehow he had found his real home after all this time away.Welcomed home with love and joyful noise, he lived a life of splendor and creature comforts until December 16, 2017.Percy left this world on a new incredible journey. His people and all of us who loved him were moved beyond belief when Percy died in a state of grace. His sweet soul is a constant comfort. Kind, benevolent and knowing. Every cat is different. They each have such distinct characters. Something I strive to capture in my art. I learned so much from this dear fellow. I learned how to watch carefully. Be present. Listen. Take in and receive all your blessings with gratitude. Don't be stingy with love. Cat hugs have healing power.My friends are still grieving and always will be. I wanted to help them see Percy again. Of course this is impossible. The best I could do was paint his portrait. I had a photo I had taken that seemed like a portrait study. I painted it, with tears spilling over, on a small, cat sized canvas and gave it to my friends. I gleaned a realization from their words. A cat portrait can be a great and continuing comfort. I will continue to paint cats for many reasons but Percy is a huge inspiration.

July 30, 2017